The Details in the Performance

As discussed in a previous, post our performance was beginning to touch upon some very complex ideas, and therefore for these to effectively be realised, the details in how we presented our performance were very important.

An important decision we made was that the layout was framed as a performance and that the audience explicitly knew that they were part of this. This decision was made because we felt it would help the audience to question intimacy and begin to think about the complex ideas behind what we are trying to experiment.

To begin, we looked at how each section was placed; in the rehearsals the positions of the chairs had changed constantly to what would be more effective for each section. Throughout the rehearsals we always referred to our performance as ‘the path of intimacy’ and this is what we wished to present to the audience. The chairs were then placed, with Jordan’s section closest to the entrance, with each other section following in a line, building up to the final section of Demi’s. This worked as it allowed for the audience to clearly see the journey they were been asked to take. We allowed for a space in between each section, this meant that each section had enough space to be a private moment between the performer and the participant, but also permitted for the other sections to be seen, highlighting to the audience the frame of the performance.

The best way to create the frame of performance was through the lighting we used. A single spotlight was put on to each section; this was effective as we were essentially putting intimacy in the spotlight and putting these intimate moments on show. The lights were dimmed slightly, so that the light was not too harsh but appeared warm and inviting to the audience, this was important as we wanted the audience to feel invited to take part and not intimidated in any way.The choices made for the aesthetics of the performance were all quite simple choices, as essentially we wanted the focus of the performance to be on the actions taking place in each section.  We hoped that by doing this the audience would begin to deconstruct what was happening under each spotlight and begin to think about intimacy differently, maybe as a performance. A restored behaviour that we all perform in guide line to social conventions to which we are conditioned to act in accordance too, and hopefully begin to touch upon some of the complex ideas which we have previously discussed. Therefore, each decision made was to frame what was happening in these sections.
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